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Taking care of an infant can be difficult if the parent does not know what to do. Their delicate frames require extra care and extra caution when handling. Bath time for newborns and infants is one of those scary movements as they engage with water. For the caretaker, bath time has to be part holding the infant an part washing. This can sometimes be risky as it is not one of the safest methods. The baby can slip or water can get into the nose and mouth area. Such risks are better off not taken with a newborn for they can spell out disaster.

Not with 4Moms Infant Tub. Parents am care takers have a number of options when it comes to bath time. Some choose to bathe the baby on a kitchen sink, others on a bathtub, while some choose infant tubs. On the market, there are a number of options for infant tubs all of which come with various features and specifications. Over the years, innovation has enabled makers to create better infant tubs in terms of functions. 4Moms Infant tub is one of those infant tubs that are recommended by users everywhere who have used it. It is equipped with very useful capabilities which take out the worry and guesswork out of infant bath time and put the fun in for both the caretaker and the baby.

One of the capabilities this tub is equipped with is the digital color coded thermometer. The thermometer used 3 AAA batteries for power and enables automatic temperature reading as the tub is filled with water. When the water is too hot, the display will be red while displaying the temperature. If the water is too cold, the display will turn blue. When it is moderate and safe for the baby, it will turn green, indicating that it is okay to go ahead and bathe. This feature is very useful when it comes to ensuring baby safety in the tub. Instead of the caretaker guessing which temperature is safe, the technology does that for you.

Another feature is the clean and dirty water exchange system. The tub has a clean water reservoir which stores clean water as well as transport that water into the main tub. In the main tub where soap is used, there is a drain that allows the water to go off once it reaches that level. The water drained is then replaced with clean water from the water reservoir for better rinsing.

The size of the tub is small and compact enough to fit in most single or double sinks. It can also be used in bathtubs. For the caretaker or parent, having the freedom to choose where to bathe the child is a relief. Some parents prefer bathing in the sink and the 4Moms Infant tub makes that possible regardless of the tub size. The parent can enjoy comfort while bathing the baby. All in all, this tub has a ton of great features that make bath time easier and more fun.


Top 3 Graco Car Baby Seats Coupon

The following is a Graco car baby seats review that is specifically geared for those parents who may be on the lookout for the ideal means for safely transporting their infants. Graco has over the years made a reputation as one of the foremost makers of infant car seats. This firm continually strives to introduce baby car seats that offer plenty of innovative and unique features that effectively place these products a cut above the rest. Should you be on the prowl for the right Graco infant seats, the following are some of the finest that you may like to give a try.

The Graco SnugRide 35

The SnugRide 35 classic has been in the market in various versions since its introduction in 2005. Graco very recently unveiled the 4th generation of this popular baby car seat that lays an emphasis on the bottom end of the infant weight ranges. It also introduced a new body support cushion that features a plushier 2 piece insert and additional comfort padding along with harness support straps.

This product can accommodate 3 harness height positions and it also comes with one crotch strap buckling position. The new SnugRide 35 also features a 2 harness length adjustment function, which are the splitter plate and hip-strap anchors. It also integrates an energy absorbing EPS foam that comprehensively encases the upper part of the seat. This product can be fitted into a car without the necessitating the need for an appropriate base

Graco 4ever 4 in 1

Another excellent instance of Graco car baby seats is undoubtedly the Graco 4ever 4 in 1. This product comes wholly assembled and ready to use straight out of its packaging box. It features a steel-reinforced frame that facilitates for optimal safety and protection to your baby. The Graco 4ever 4 in 1 also offers 6 reclining setting. The first 3 are designed for the backward facing mode, while the remaining 3 are for the front facing mode. To make things even better, this infant car seat come with a reclining indicator to make sure that you arrive at the appropriate reclining angle for your child. Some of the other notable features of the Graco 4ever 4 in 1 includes 2 buckle slots (4.5” and 6.5”), a latch-in booster mode and button bottom anchor connectors, along with a no re-thread harness.

Graco Junior baby

The Graco Junior baby is definitely one of the finest Graco car baby seats that are currently to be had in the market. This product incorporates a backward facing mode and is even seamlessly compatible with adult car seat belts. It also makes use of a two point harness securing mechanism for added protection to your child while on transit. The Graco Junior baby can also be utilized with a base that can be directly fastened to your car.


Well, there you have it! These three Graco car baby seats can certainly be what the doctor ordered if you are looking for the most excellent product that guarantees optimal protection to your baby while on the road. Depending on your distinct requirements and preferences, you should be able to pick the right one of these three infant car seats.

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